FAQ - Frequent Answers & Questions

Foodonate is an online platform which allows users (Donors and Beneficiaries) to exchange food items. With the help of the users we hope that a shift towards a Circular Economy is facilitated in the food-waste industry.
Donors are those registered members wishing to give away [any] food items. They are allowed to give away food for free or charge for their items. It is strongly suggested that the Donors make a reasonable offer. Beneficiaries are those users who pick up the food either for free or against a predefined amount.
In order to use Foodonate the users must sign up. This applies to both Donors or Beneficiaries. Those wishing to be only Donors, will not have to pay any fee. However, as a Beneficiary, the user will have up to 3 free trials. After those trials, an annual sum of 5 CHF will be charged for membership.
A Circular Economy is a closed-loop industrial system. At the moment excess food is treated as waste, which is then disposed of or entirely wasted (due to a Linear Economy). This causes waste, which then has a negative social, economic, and environmental impact worldwide. With a Circular Economy we are looking into minimizing waste through the closed-loop feedback concept. For more information see European commission link: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/priorities/jobs-growth-and-investment/towards-circular-economy_en
1. Sign up 2. Post a food item (Donor) or search for food item (Beneficiary) on whatever criteria you wish (location, food type) 3. Receive interest (Donor) or confirmation of your order (Beneficiary) 4. Wait for item to be picked up (Donor) or pick up item (Beneficiary)